Beryan Teague

Proud and stern, Beryan is Swallowfeld's diligent bailiff


Background Beryan came to Swallowfeld after a disastrous incursion into the Crypt of Ebon Nightmare ended in the death of all her companions, one of whom, Yote Diloni, was a favored son of Swallowfeld. Many of the villagers quietly blame Beryan for Yote’s death. Traumatized by what she saw, she has lived quietly in the village for almost a decade. Although the villagers now accept her, she is merely tolerated by the villagers though her vigilance and skill has made the village a much safer place.

Personality Stern but fair, she is a good teacher and a tenacious foe. She is ferociously loyal to her adopted home and the village’s safety is her main focus as a means of penance.

Distinguishing Features A deep, black claw-like scar mars her left shoulder. A legacy of her frantic escape from the crypt and she keeps it well hidden, it is a constant reminder of her survivor’s guilt.

Beryan Teague

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