Character Creation

Determining Ability Scores

Roll 12d6, get the total, any totals below 40 can be rerolled.
All abilities start with a base score of 5 before racial bonuses.
After racial bonuses are applied, Ability points can be spent as follows

  • Raising an ability score by 1 costs 1 point from you ability pool up to a score of 15
  • Raising an ability score by 1 costs 2 point from you ability pool up from a score of 15 to a score of 18
  • Raising an ability score from 18 to the maximum of 19 costs 5 points from your ability pool


  • To raise intelligence from a score of 15 to a score of 18 costs 6 points
  • To raise constitution from a 5 to a 12 would cost 7 points
  • To raise a score from 5-19 it would cost 10+6+5 for a total of 21 points.

To put things in perspective,

  • A Dex Score of 4-6 walking without tripping is an accomplishment
  • A Dex Score of 9-11 is the average human
  • A Dex Score of 16-18 is a world class gymnast
  • A Dex Score of 19 is approaching god like

Character Sheets

Use the Fillable form located in the Dropbox Folder “Pathfinder Circle” and after completing it, please save a copy in the “Character Sheet” Folder using the following nomenclature Character Name – Class – Level – Real Name.PDF

Character Sheets get lost, forgotten, mangled, etc so if we have them all in the Dropbox folder it’ll save time and prevent things getting confused. It is your responsibility to keep your character sheet updated between sessions. If you wrote something down on your character sheet, and didn’t back it up in Dropbox, and lose the character sheet you lost whatever you wrote down.

Character Creation

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