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The Village of Swallowfeld
As the native or adopted home of the adventurers, the Village represents the starting point of the adventures on the Lonely Coast. The surrounding forests and mountains are home to untold and vast fortunes that only the strongest and wisest survive to claim a piece of.

A Sprawling Region, Varisia has long been considered a back water that few but the heartiest tread. Most have no business traversing the mountains and forests that separate Varisia from the rest of the Inner Sea Regions.


House Rules
As we play and various situations arise we will keep this bit updated. Most importantly, Rule #1 Don’t be a dick, most players are either new or haven’t played in a while so accept that the first few sessions won’t go as smoothly as they could.

Character Creation
Roll 12d6 assign skill points to your ability scores to a base score of 5.

Main Page

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